about me

A businessman turned Author, Dharmendrra U loves to stay happy and infact lot of his surroundings envy his incredible way of being happy.Hitting the rock bottom in the year 2013, The Author have come a long way which he describes as an fantastic and an awesome journey of life. Since then, Dharmendrra U have been immensely in the inward journey of his own and had an opportunity to get certified as Yoga, NLP, Law of Attraction, Life Coach & an Hypno Therapist Practitioner. Apart from writing, the Author loves to play guitar and teach the LOA to as many people as possible.
The Author have researched extensively in developing the technique keeping in mind the perspective of the practitioner of this technique. The technique “ M TO THE POWER OF 3” have been tested, tried, experimented and rided under stringent conditions and have been approved as one of most powerful, effective and the easiest techniques. The Author have literally put in his everything and have tried several options and steps, before coming out “ M TO THE POWER OF 3” technique. All the Best for the Author and Hope lot of people gets benefitted with his technique and live a life of ABUNDANCE!